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Friday - November 16, 2018

Nov 16, 2018: You think your route is all mapped out, but certain parties and situations could stand in the way of your success. Instead of getting into a head-on collision, however, consider another direction altogether. It may be the best way to avoid roadblocks that'll get you in trouble.


Saturday - November 17, 2018

Nov 17, 2018: Make your boss, client or whomever it is you're trying to impress the center of your attention. Give him or her the opportunity to expound on their latest, greatest idea or even just their grandkids or pets. You'll be their new favorite person -- and they'll return the favor.


Thursday - November 15, 2018

Nov 15, 2018: The grinding of the workplace rumor mill may be an annoyance, particularly because you're laboring away on bigger and better things. If you're not interested, verbalize your wishes. Ignoring the gossip will make you look like the better person.

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