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Monday - September 24, 2018

Sep 24, 2018: Now, more than ever, you feel like everything is clicking. That's great! You've been dealing with tons of painful things in your personal life, and it's about time that feeling of levity has returned to your home. Enjoy it while it lasts!


Tuesday - September 25, 2018

Sep 25, 2018: You're so certain about the best course of action that others are starting to tune you out. It's wise to back off a bit. Offer guidance only when colleagues struggle to marshal evidence for their preferred solution.


Sunday - September 23, 2018

Sep 23, 2018: A project or situation has come to a standstill because you've let your perfectionism settle in -- if it's not done to the letter, it's a complete failure. Wrong! Let go of the outcome and embrace the process. You'll eventually loose up -- it just takes practice.

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