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Saturday - July 21, 2018

Jul 21, 2018: It's not a good time to deliver performance reviews and evaluations. It's not that you can't make good judgments, it's just that they will most likely sound a lot worse than you mean them to.


Sunday - July 22, 2018

Jul 22, 2018: There's no such thing as too much respect -- at least not in this case. You need to listen carefully and thoughtfully to the people you're dealing with to make any progress, whether you're making dinner or planning a big cross-country move.


Friday - July 20, 2018

Jul 20, 2018: You have an unusual amount of stamina to get the job done -- and as an added bonus, you have the creativity to explore new solutions and alternatives. If it's urgent, all the better -- you're all over it. In fact, you may blaze some new trails in the process.

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