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Monday - September 24, 2018

Sep 24, 2018: If you've been letting your living spaces go to hell over the past months and years, it's time to take stock. See what needs repairing and replacing. The weather's warming up and you'll have plenty of opportunities to tighten things up around the homestead.


Tuesday - September 25, 2018

Sep 25, 2018: Your hard work will pay off today, and you can finally breathe a deep sigh of relief. Instead of making fun of coworkers who haven't made as much progress, offer to pitch in. You're building up a reserve supply of goodwill.


Sunday - September 23, 2018

Sep 23, 2018: An idle comment may strike a deep chord. Funny how something seemingly innocuous can have such a profound effect. Take some time and consider what's going on beneath the surface. You may have unconsciously turned over a new leaf!

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