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Monday - June 18, 2018

Jun 18, 2018: Your natural can-do spirit is going to need all the can-do-it can muster if you're going to get what you can do done. And because you always like to do everything you can, go ahead and muster all your willpower to do it. The folks in your vicinity believe in you -- and by the end of the day, they'll be confirmed in that belief in you and your just-get-it-done abilities. What, oh what, will you do tomorrow? Nothing you can do but wait and see. But here's a bet: No matter how hard it looks, for you, it will prove can-do-able.


Tuesday - June 19, 2018

Jun 19, 2018: You're certainly passionate about what you believe right now -- even more so than usual. Whether you're convinced that an aspect of work should be handled in a specific manner, or maybe something in current events has your sensibilities inflamed, or perhaps an issue from another area altogether, you're wound up and not likely to unwind anytime soon. Expressing your views is one thing, but guard against getting inappropriately emotional about it.


Sunday - June 17, 2018

Jun 17, 2018: You may not wake up this morning expecting a surprise, but there's definitely one on the agenda. Fortunately, surprises are right at the top of your top ten list of very favorite things, so you won't mind one little bit. If your companions aren't quite so adaptable, be merciful; help them adjust. Point out the positive points in the situation, and get them to relax. In the process, you may find you've suddenly become a mentor.

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