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Sunday - March 18, 2018

The heavens will spend one last day urging one and all to rebel, revolt, mutiny and, at the very least, question authority. You, however, aren't usually the type to do that -- but now, that well-deserved reputation you've acquired for being considerate, cooperative and respectful of your elders? Let's just say it might temporarily be in danger. That doesn't mean you should shut down the urge to fight City Hall -- you're about to become pretty good at it, without even trying.


Monday - March 19, 2018

If you feel like canceling plans, go ahead and cancel them. If you feel like skipping your hair appointment, call the salon and tell them you're sorry, but you just have to cancel your hair appointment. If you really only want to hang out in your reindeer slippers and not interact with anyone all morning, that's exactly what you should do (just make sure said slippers are okay at work). Relaxing is a real key to health, you know.


Saturday - March 17, 2018

You may be privately worrying that the creative roll you're on is about to come to an end -- but that's just not the case. The heavens will give you the right to ask for some privacy, please, when it comes to spending time alone with your inspiration, and since you're feeling so darned startling and unpredictable, one never knows what you might be thinking of taking on as a project -- or of how easily you'll find it to express yourself.

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