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Monday - January 21, 2019

Jan 21, 2019: You should be able to sense a new beginning coming soon. Perhaps the preparations of others are causing these feelings, or maybe it's the impetus for your vibe each morning: ready to tackle the big projects of the day, but not quite sure what they are going to be. You are definitely ready for anything and in need of stimulation. Don't worry — it is coming very soon! Just hold tight and wait.


Tuesday - January 22, 2019

Jan 22, 2019: Your latest curiosities should be indulged — if you're tired of walking the straight and narrow, you owe it to yourself to take to the wild side for a bit. Let some of your goody-goody proclivities slide, just for today, and find out what it feels like to act in a way that's opposite from your typical behavior. This could be a very liberating experience — or it could reaffirm for you why you choose to live your life the way you do and help you learn to appreciate your routine.


Sunday - January 20, 2019

Jan 20, 2019: Multiple facets are good when it comes to rare diamonds or people's personalities, but right now the many aspects of a project you're working on may be pushing you over the edge. So you might want to warn your friends and loved ones that they will probably be seeing a much more irritable you before this day is over. Of course, this is just a phase — and in the end, it will serve as a wonderful reminder of the fact that most of the time, you love what you do.

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