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Monday - January 21, 2019

Jan 21, 2019: Yes, things have been a blur lately — but since your emotions are finally starting to slow down, your physical self should, too. Relaxation and comfort are more important than speed. Ease off the gas pedal and take the meandering road to your destination. Shortcuts will only frustrate you. Besides, following the scenic route is always more fun. There is no rush, no matter what deadlines you may be facing. You have much more time than you think.


Tuesday - January 22, 2019

Jan 22, 2019: Your recent efforts to connect with someone are working, but you should think about turning down the heat a little. Discard the extra details in your stories, and resist the urge to share too much about yourself. Right now, this discovery phase should be simple, short and general. Too many details could confuse or overwhelm, and they may cause some unfortunate misperceptions. Let the other person ask a few questions — don't do all the work yourself.


Sunday - January 20, 2019

Jan 20, 2019: Dazzling charm is pouring out of you today, enabling you to attract a lot of diverse people — including some very flighty folks. You know, the kind of people who always talk about wanting to get together but who always back out of plans at the last minute? Luckily, with the mood you're in right now, you'll see their flaky behavior as charming and nothing to get all riled up about. Hey, if they miss out on fun times, it's their loss, right?

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