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Friday - May 25, 2018

May 25, 2018: Expect to raise some eyebrows at work now, and a few more tonight, too. You're in a very rare mood -- so rare that your coworkers and friends are willing to bet they've never seen you like this. Rather than exercising caution, playing it safe or avoiding confrontation, you're ready to rock. If it's reckless, you're in. If it's slightly scary, you're in. Better warn anyone you expect to be spending any amount of time around.


Saturday - May 26, 2018

May 26, 2018: An interpersonal issue you've been grappling with could get extra sticky right now, and you could finally get worked up enough to want to tell it like it is. Good for you -- expressing yourself is important and healthy. Before you do, however, consider whether someone in this situation isn't coming across a little differently than they are in reality. Or is that the problem itself? Factor this into what you're about to say.


Thursday - May 24, 2018

May 24, 2018: There's a wonderful astrological safety net in place -- the kind that just about guarantees you a happy landing, no matter where it is you happen to land. This doesn't mean you should get it into your head that you're ten feet tall and bulletproof, but if you never take a risk, you'll never know if it would have worked out. Oh, go ahead: Assess the odds, take any necessary precautions and give it a shot.

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