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Monday - June 18, 2018

Jun 18, 2018: You're good at making friends. It's not surprising, is it, given your sunny disposition, your ready charm, and your smile? But what's underneath that sunny disposition? You know, way down there in your internal personal space? Maybe there's a rain cloud or two you're hiding from the world. Maybe you should let it out a little. Your friends will love you all the more for it.


Tuesday - June 19, 2018

Jun 19, 2018: Financial matters are highlighted at the moment, particularly those that involve other people. If you've got a joint account with your babe or a business partner, make sure you're on the same page about how those monies are being used (and how quickly). If you're buying gifts, you may be concerned about how much to spend. It's possible to pay a little less and get something more unusual and meaningful if you take some time.


Sunday - June 17, 2018

Jun 17, 2018: In your opinion, the astrological weather today is fine. Actually, it couldn't be better. There are scattered periods of change on the agenda, followed by even more change -- just the way you like it. Of course, while you're grinning and cheerfully looking forward to the next surprise the universe has up its sleeve, your friend, sibling or neighbor is probably skulking around as far undercover as they can possibly get, worried about the unknown. Be nice. Draw them out and let them know that change is the only constant.

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