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Sunday - March 18, 2018

The urge to take yourself somewhere you've never been will be especially strong, especially if you've got an equally spontaneous travel companion handy -- and when don't you? You might not be able to take a vacation right now, but you can always plan a little day trip and explore a little town up north -- or, better still, put your nose diligently to the grindstone for now, and spend the day immersed in a pile of brochures and maps -- with your cohort, of course.


Monday - March 19, 2018

If you've been struggling with a relationship for a little while now, today could be a turning point. It's hard to say why something shifts between two people, but one of those tension-easing changes is poised to take place. Take a deep breath and you might even notice that the difference isn't so much in them, or in your duo's dynamic; it's more like a shift is taking place within you. So go ahead and try again with this person. You'll both be glad you did.


Saturday - March 17, 2018

If you can imagine it, you can have it -- that's what you've always been told, what you've always believed and, now, what you're about to prove. As if your already substantial intellectual prowess wasn't enough to get you started, the heavens are on your side. You'll wake up this morning with the vivid memory of a dream -- the kind that will stay with you all day, constantly making you wonder 'what if.'

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