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Sunday - March 18, 2018

Those who know and love you are never surprised at what tumbles from your lips. So when you begin spouting off even a bit more bluntly than usual over the next couple of days -- which is really saying something, for you -- if you're with the usual suspects, no one will blink an eyelash. But if you're with folks who aren't used to your rather frank, direct style? At least offer to escort them to a cab when you're done speaking your mind. It's only fair.


Monday - March 19, 2018

Being open-minded is like eating on a regular basis: It's absolutely essential to a healthy existence. Right now your open-mindedness might be tested. How do you handle something that, even to your very open mind, seems totally out-there? Do you ignore it? Engage with it? Doubt yourself? Doubt the other person? Don't forget that trust in your own judgment plus a healthy dose of skepticism, a dash of self-doubt and a lot of humility is usually a good approach.


Saturday - March 17, 2018

For the most part, you're pleased, happy and extremely proud of yourself when you say or do something that shocks and amazes the crowds -- in fact, the more, the merrier. The heavens are also urging you to let fly with whatever crosses your mind, no matter where you are or who you happen to be with. For some reason, though, you're just a tad worried. What's up with that? Relax and lose the worry.

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