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Monday - September 24, 2018

Sep 24, 2018: The love train is pulling into the station today, and it's stopping right in front of you! You are going to get a big dose of affection. Return it. Keep in mind that love comes in many forms, and this surge of positive emotion could come from a family member, friend or even a particularly grateful coworker! There is no hidden agenda to this warmth; it is meant only to communicate the value you bring to someone else's life. Give this same message to someone you love today.


Tuesday - September 25, 2018

Sep 25, 2018: Want to learn something new today? Take your big to-do list, put it in a blender and press 'puree'. It's time to mix things up a bit! From how you take your morning coffee to where you shop for your groceries, you could use a bit of a change. These regular routines are not written in stone, so why get stuck in a rut? If you think that changing where you do your dry cleaning or taking a new route home from work won't make much of an impact on things, think again.


Sunday - September 23, 2018

Sep 23, 2018: If group dynamics are getting a bit fuzzy today, it's a good time to step in and throw your weight around. Because you have facts and logic on your side, you will attract more attention than the people who are leveraging fear, envy and other small-minded emotions. Appeal to the best in people, and they will show you the best they have to offer. Today is a day when you will be reminded of how wonderful the people in your life truly are.

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