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Friday - November 16, 2018

Nov 16, 2018: Admit it, you're just not as sure as you should be. The kind of commitment you're thinking of making should have you feeling a hundred percent certain. Until you do, don't sign away your savings. Don't even commit to a dime.


Saturday - November 17, 2018

Nov 17, 2018: You're doing something for yourself that doesn't cost a small fortune. What you choose energizes you and gets your juices flowing without injecting any further financial anxiety. Well done.


Thursday - November 15, 2018

Nov 15, 2018: Lucky you, you have two excellent invitations. Unlucky you, neither appeals to you. Don't accept either one unless you're absolutely sure you won't change your mind. The damage of backing out can't be repaired with any amount of money.

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