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Friday - November 16, 2018

Nov 16, 2018: People are organizing and planning, but all that's expected of you is that you show up. That's fine with you because you have ducks of your own to line up. Take the opportunity to get a good look at each and every detail.


Saturday - November 17, 2018

Nov 17, 2018: Sometimes things only a week away seem more unreal than your retirement plans. But certain events will definitely arrive, with or without your preparations. Just like your old age, you're better off getting ready ahead of time. Start today.


Thursday - November 15, 2018

Nov 15, 2018: You love all of your friends, but some more than others and it shows. The difference in the amount of money you spend is obvious. Anyone objective could pick your heartthrob out of a crowd, but that's not something you should waste you time hiding.

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