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Saturday - July 21, 2018

Jul 21, 2018: The wolf in sheep's clothing is not as easy to spot as it used to be. They've slimmed down enough to fit into the costume. You may find them to be just as deserving as they feel they are these days. How that's for a role reversal?


Sunday - July 22, 2018

Jul 22, 2018: You'd think business problems would get easier and easier to handle, but they're as difficult for you now as they were when they began. Keep your eyes open for worst to finally come.


Friday - July 20, 2018

Jul 20, 2018: Change has come to stay. If you thought it was only going to be a house guest you were mistaken. Things may never get back to the way they were before, but you will adjust to your new arrangements sooner rather than later.

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