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Monday - September 24, 2018

Sep 24, 2018: Looking on the bright side is vital, and it's not as hard as you're making it out to be. There's a lot to be said about your current financial state. Each and every day is an adventure, for one. That should get your list going.


Tuesday - September 25, 2018

Sep 25, 2018: Enthusiasm is a good quality, but going full steam ahead after what you want doesn't always make a good impression, and for good reason. See if you can put the same kind of enthusiasm into helping others as you do into helping yourself and watch the ripple effects.


Sunday - September 23, 2018

Sep 23, 2018: Just what makes your heart beat faster? Is it money? Say it ain't so. It's beyond time for you to find a more worthwhile subject to romance. In fact, it's vital. Pretend your life depends on it.

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