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Saturday - July 21, 2018

Jul 21, 2018: Your life hasn't exactly been upgraded and gains have been minimal if nonexistent. But that's only looking at your financial life. If it weren't for other areas, you'd have no fun at all. Remind yourself of what really makes you feel rich.


Sunday - July 22, 2018

Jul 22, 2018: Abundance wasn't really all it was cracked up to be anyway. You need an incentive to keep busy, and you've got all the motivation you need now. Being fit and happy is a lot better than being fat and happy.


Friday - July 20, 2018

Jul 20, 2018: Your emotions have you on a long leash. Follow your mood, within reason. If you're feeling a bit down, examine it. But if it's a deep, dark emotion, you're better off walking around the sinkhole.

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