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For The Month Of February 2018

A harmonious Sun-Moon trine on February 4 helps you obtain and achieve the things you think you want most in life. Did you just find the key to unlock the door to happiness? That’s anybody’s guess, but when you feel you’re winning, you’re just happy to be ahead of the competition.

A new moon in Aquarius on the fifteenth outlines potential upcoming career and networking opportunities, but you must be willing to think outside the box to take full advantage of them. And because this moon is also part of a partial solar eclipse, there is perhaps more riding on your decisions than you know. Choose wisely.

As the moon spends time in your sign on the nineteenth and twentieth, you’re impatient to move ahead. Jumping the gun could leave you in a bad spot, though, because you miss out on the subtle nuances that everyone else is paying attention to. In other words, Aries, you may get physically ahead, but you’ll be mentally behind.

A Mercury-Neptune conjunction on February 25 causes unfortunate miscommunications, which could interfere with a scheduled teleconference or romantic date. Think carefully about what you say before you say it, because the repercussions of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time could last a long time.

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