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For The Month Of June 2018

June 2018: There’s a lot for you to look forward to this month, Cancer, starting when Mercury makes a speedy trip through your quiet sign beginning on June 12. You’re looking for quality information during this transit, so you trade gossip and rumors for facts and truth as you fight hard to get to the heart of the matter. You also love to cheer for the underdog, and you enjoy a good comeback story!

The sun follows Mercury’s lead and enters your sign on the twenty-first, turning your attention to your home life, security, and aesthetics. You love when your house looks inviting and elegant, and you enjoy having small, intimate parties for your closest friends and family members.

Mars going retrograde on the twenty-sixth affects you in a positive way due to its more passive energy. You don’t always gel with the aggressive energy of Mars, but right now it gives you permission to let others initiate projects and push ahead. You’re content to stay back and make sure the coast is clear before making your next big move.

Your ruler moon is full in practical Capricorn on June 28, and it’s satisfying to see some of your goals pay off. If you have any unfinished business, this is the time to get it done.

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