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For The Month Of February 2018

You feel at one with the earthy energy of the Virgo moon on February 2 and February 3, and while you probably won’t make any overt moves, you show you care about lovers and friends by taking care of their everyday business for them. Running errands and fixing things around the house aren’t glamorous jobs, but they’re necessary and praiseworthy.

When the heated sun opposes karmic Jupiter on the tenth, there’s a distinct push-pull kind of vibe. There are so many different options in front of you, but they all seem to have a downside in one way or another. Do the best you can and hope for the best, Capricorn.

A hard Mars-Neptune square gives off low or negative energy on February 17, and you aren’t sure who you can trust. You’re a forgiving person, but once you get burned you aren’t likely to go back to the scene of the crime anytime soon.

Another square between passionate Venus and powerful Mars sets off sparks on the twenty-fifth, and healthy relationships will undergo a healthy boost in sexual appetite. If you’re single and looking, get ready for some tough competition for your crush’s affections. If he or she is someone worth fighting for, dig in your heels and dedicate yourself to winning that heart.

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