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For The Month Of June 2018

June 2018: Your ruler Mercury makes its first stop this month in a trine with powerhouse Mars on June 1, and your very persuasive style enables you to talk anyone into doing just about anything. Regarding career, if you’re in sales or marketing, you should see a healthy jump in profits and commissions.

Mercury enters sensitive Cancer on the twelfth, making you needier than usual. Craving emotional connection isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but dashed hopes can put you in a funk. Cancer is notoriously moody, and because your Twin status can be confusing enough, those closest to you may not understand who they’re talking to from one minute to the next!

There’s less confusion during the Mercury-Neptune trine on the twentieth, but mainly because you have increased intuition. You still may not sweat the details, but you can just feel certain things and sense which path you should take.

A Mercury-Uranus square on June 30 ends the month, shaking up your daily routine. You usually dig adventure, but not when it interferes with your intended plans. Make sure you have a second option in mind in case the first one fails.

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