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For The Month Of June 2018

June 2018: An ego-driven sun-Mercury conjunction on June 5 helps get your communication system functioning in high gear, including the way you converse and gather information. With your big vocabulary and other obvious displays of intelligence, you’re very mentally focused on making a good impression.

Charming Venus enters your flamboyant sign on the thirteenth, so look out, world! You’re in love with love, and if you don’t have it, you’ll dedicate all your spare time to looking for it. If you’re in love, it’s no holds barred as you seek big ways to let everyone know all about it. If your partner is on the shy side, however, you may want to consider his or her feelings before you do anything that could be embarrassing (even if you have the best of intentions).

The sun enters laid-back Cancer on June 21, so most of your attention is taken off you and refocused on others. An increased dose of sympathy makes you finally see the reality of someone’s sad situation and helps you feel empathetic and helpful.

A sun-Saturn (retrograde) opposition on the twenty-seventh puts limitations on you that you fight against, but some things are too powerful to overcome. You might just have to be satisfied with knowing that you tried.

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