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For The Month Of February 2018

A gentle trine between the sun in eccentric Aquarius and the moon in your social sign on February 4 creates a general feeling of optimism and well-being, and all seems right with your world. As a bonus, you get an appealing dose of charm that you can use to get out of most of the precarious situations in which you find yourself.

The new moon in fellow air sign Aquarius matches up with a partial solar eclipse on the fifteenth, making it an iffy environment in which to make final decisions. You tend to consider all sides of an issue in a logical way, which is good, but there’s way too much up in the air right now to decide for sure one way or the other.

Your suspicion grows under a Mars-Neptune square on February 17, and you don’t like feeling taken advantage of. Does someone new to your life have ulterior motives? Always be on the lookout for things that aren’t what they appear to be.

An emotional Cancer moon on the twenty-sixth brings your month to a nostalgic close, and you could reminisce about how things used to be. You can’t go back in time, but you can try to recreate a feeling you’ve been missing lately.

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