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For The Month Of June 2018

June 2018: Venus, your loving ruler, starts the month with an encouraging trine to mellow Neptune on June 2, which increases kindness and tenderness in all areas of your life. It’s as if you see things through a hazy filter that shows you all the good in the world. You make the most of it by finding gentle, relaxing, and soothing activities to occupy your time.

The focus shifts to you and your ego when Venus enters proud Leo on the thirteenth, and you take offhand comments (especially about your appearance or ability to do certain things) very personally. Being embarrassed in front of someone you really like is perhaps your worst nightmare, and you won’t easily forget anyone who causes you to lose face in front of a big crowd.

A quick but stressful square between Venus and ever-changing Uranus on June 14 creates an unstable environment in an already troubled relationship, and the petty arguments it can cause certainly don’t help matters. Stable relationships will be relatively unaffected if you can keep an open mind.

Mercury entering outgoing Leo on the twenty-ninth helps you lay it all on the line, and you love an audience. The more the merrier when you start telling your exciting tales!

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