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For The Month Of February 2018

When the emotional moon spends time in deep, watery Scorpio on February 6 and February 7, you seek out emotional intensity. You’re drawn to people who are also intrigued by the mysteries of life, and you prefer to make deep rather than trivial connections.

A new moon and partial solar eclipse generate intense energy on the fifteenth, but while it’s synonymous with changes on the horizon, it isn’t time to panic. Accept the things you cannot change, and grow from experiences that alter you in any way.

Mercury enters your sign late on February 17, which isn’t always the best matchup. Mercury is interested in taking the logical approach to communication, and your language skills tend toward the flowery and romantic. For the next four weeks, you can expect some fuzziness around the edges, and you may not be able to count on people to do exactly what they say they’ll do (yourself included).

The sun (still in your sign) trines the Cancer moon on the twenty-fifth, highlighting personal relationships (especially with females). This harmonious time is soothing for your soul. It’s nice to have close friends to lean on who will celebrate (instead of interfere with) your success.

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