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For The Month Of June 2018

June 2018: A caring Venus-Neptune trine on June 2 starts your month off right because daydreaming and fantasizing are encouraged. You have plenty of time to deal with the real world. Right now, you can kick back in your jammies, watch your favorite reality shows, and shut out the harsh truths of daily life.

A Mercury-Neptune square on the sixth causes some fuzziness in your communication sector, and a misunderstanding could cause problems, especially at work. It might take a lot of convincing to make other people understand where you’re coming from, but you should get a second chance once you explain your confusion.

A more favorable Mercury-Neptune trine on June 20 helps you use your creativity to come up with workable solutions, and it may even propel you toward a career in the arts. What are you good at? What do people compliment you about the most? This is where your talents lie.

You appreciate the softer energy when aggressive Mars turns retrograde on the twenty-sixth, and you’re better able to relax and get in tune with yourself. Even if you miss out on some opportunities because you’re not assertive enough, you gain valuable insight.

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