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For The Month Of June 2018

June 2018: Your home planet of Jupiter is still traveling retrograde, making you more thoughtful and introspective. And when it forms a positive trine with love-focused Venus on June 1, you get an excellent opportunity to mend a stressed or troubled relationship. Admit to your mistakes, apologize if necessary, and plan to move forward.

A sun-Neptune square on the seventh has a negative effect on your motivation, and you could find yourself caught in a holding pattern. When your usual enthusiasm is traded for lethargy, the results aren’t good. Be on the lookout for people who want to drag you down instead of boost you up, and avoid them whenever possible. You need people in your life now who want you to succeed, not pull you down to their level.

You’re future-minded during the Mercury-Jupiter trine on June 19, but for now, you’re better off thinking about things rather than acting on them. Planning trips, designing a remodel, and reading through business contracts are all favored activities.

A Mercury-Uranus square on the thirtieth mixes things up and makes you think about the unusual. You’re nervous before trying something new, but that just means the potential for growth is great.

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