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For The Month Of February 2018

A tug of war between the Aquarius sun and the moon in your sign on February 10 could cause arguments and a general feeling of contempt for unexplained reasons. Watch your demeanor and what you may be projecting to the world. There’s a lot more to you than the look on your face portrays, but it might stop people from even approaching you to find that out.

A challenging Mars-Neptune square on February 17 could bring deception and lies, and you’ll have to work extra hard at deciphering people’s true intentions. This isn’t a good time to try to make any big decisions, especially when you just don’t know who you can trust.

You get super creative when the sun enters fellow water sign Pisces on the eighteenth. You know that notebook full of DIY ideas? This is the time to pull it out and get to work. With your determination combined with the ability to dream, courtesy of Pisces, you can make some very cool concepts come to life.

Miscommunications seem to be standard when talk-centered Mercury and fuzzy Neptune meet up on February 25, and you really don’t like looking foolish. Sometimes even the third time isn’t the charm, but you aren’t one to give up.

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