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For The Month Of June 2018

June 2018: A trine between talkative Mercury and Mars, your power planet, on June 1 puts your brain on high alert. You have an innately curious nature, and this transit drives you to educate yourself on a broad range of topics. Maybe you can’t know all there is to know about everything, but that doesn’t stop you from trying!

Jealousy could be an even bigger problem than normal when Venus forms an opposition to moody Pluto retrograde on the fifth, so don’t jump to conclusions. Is it possible that there’s more than one side to the story? Make sure you get all the info before you accuse a partner or lover of any wrongdoing.

A Venus-Mars opposition on June 21 brings relationship struggles, especially when it comes to sex and power. You love having the upper hand, but taking an aggressive approach doesn’t always work. You’ll have to learn some romantic lessons the hard way.

A sun-Saturn retrograde opposition on the twenty-seventh really takes you out of the driver’s seat, and you could miss out on important opportunities because of other people’s actions (or inaction). This feeling of helplessness or lack of control won’t last long, but it’s almost unbearable while it does.

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