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For The Month Of February 2018

The month starts off with talkative Mercury already in open-minded Aquarius, so communications are casual and fluid. You find yourself considering things that you wouldn’t normally consider. Your worldview changes considerably when you open your mind and consider new and different perspectives.

A one-day struggle between the sun and moon on February 7 leaves you questioning if you really want the things you thought you wanted, and this existential conundrum weighs heavily on your mind. You could have a hard time letting go of things (and maybe people) you know aren’t necessary or helpful in your life, but you aren’t alone, Taurus. This is a struggle for most.

A new moon on February 15 indicates the end of a cycle and offers you the chance to make a fresh start. Adopt a positive new outlook as you leave behind the negative. Yes, sometimes it really is that easy.

The moon spends time in your persistent sign on the twenty-first and twenty-second, so whatever you’ve committed to you’ll see through to the bitter end. Once you set your sights on something, quitting isn’t really an option you even consider.

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