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Saturday - September 21, 2019

Sep 21, 2019: Redefine your job mentally, and then remember what services you are paid to provide. It will help during a negotiation. Feel free to agree to some of the things you are asked to do. Other suggestions you can politely decline.


Sunday - September 22, 2019

Sep 22, 2019: The fantastic and the horrible often look similar until you get close enough to see the details. So when a large silhouette of a potential problem emerges, examine it closely. See if it's a super-sized opportunity -- or a mammoth mess.


Friday - September 20, 2019

Sep 20, 2019: You may not make any major breakthroughs, but you will find pleasure in the less prestigious elements of your job. Checking others' work and giving useful feedback will be a source of pride. Aim for elegance.

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