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Monday - July 22, 2019

Jul 22, 2019: If a colleague seems frustrated with a particular project next week, offer to help. Perhaps they're actually angry with you but don't know how to discuss it. You'll get a curt refusal at first. Eventually, you'll be able to talk it through.


Tuesday - July 23, 2019

Jul 23, 2019: When you arrive at the office, let others take the lead. Your flexibility will make you the likely candidate for a fascinating new project. In the afternoon, you may sense a weird displeasure coming from a colleague.


Sunday - July 21, 2019

Jul 21, 2019: Today you are in love with the world. You may find your emotions overruling your reason. Find the middle ground between the two and use both to your advantage. Your high spirits will serve your practical goals.

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