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Monday - October 21, 2019

Oct 21, 2019: Have you been feeling a bit bored with your life lately? Well, good news! Today offers you a great opportunity to stir things up and get your adrenaline going again! Sure, it might require you to take a risk or two, but isn't that the only way you can win sometimes? Insert yourself into an uncertain situation where you could be rejected or come out with less than you put in—and just see what happens. No matter what the outcome is, you will be better off for it.


Tuesday - October 22, 2019

Oct 22, 2019: One thing is for sure today—you are not going to be bored! But that doesn't necessarily mean that you day will be jam-packed with fun activities, engrossing projects, or interesting adventures. Right now, your brain is in a very receptive phase, and will be able to find something to keep itself occupied nicely. Even if you're stuck on a plane all day, you'll be content and smiling. This is a good day to think through complex ideas and formulate plans for the future.


Sunday - October 20, 2019

Oct 20, 2019: How can you move beyond past mistakes when you won't let yourself forget them? The only person who is still beating you up over what you did is you—so stop it! You are a wonderful person who isn't perfect, but then again, no one is. Holding yourself to a higher standard is not going to force you to rise to your expectations. It's only going to make you feel like you're not doing your best—and you know that you are. So give yourself an emotional hug today.

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