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Monday - October 21, 2019

Oct 21, 2019: Today your patience might be tested when one or more of your projects gets put on hold by someone else, either because they have power over you, or because they have flaked out on their part of things. As much as you might get angry, you need to take a philosophical view of things. This pause in the action was meant to happen for a reason—possibly to give you time to double-check the work you've done so far. Put your energy toward that instead of toward getting mad at someone else.


Tuesday - October 22, 2019

Oct 22, 2019: When was the last time you got seriously flirtatious? You know, that non-subtle, sparkly-eyed flirt that involves cheesy-yet-charming lines and good clean compliments? There is nothing wrong with making someone else feel good, especially because it will end up making you feel good too! Make someone's day today—toss out a compliment to a clerk in a store, smile at a random stranger or send a drippy sweet email to your honey. Remind yourself that life is supposed to be fun!


Sunday - October 20, 2019

Oct 20, 2019: Applying greater force will not get you farther towards your relationship goals today. You can't push people to be where you want them to be—they have to get there on their own. And is it really up to you to decide whether they should even be there in the first place? It's time to remind yourself that everyone has their own path to follow. Like it or not, this person's path may never entwine with yours. You have to learn to be comfortable with that—or at least accept it.

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