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Wednesday - February 19, 2020

Feb 19, 2020: You're stuck with a classic dilemma. You want to do one thing, and the person you're with wants to do something else. If this conflict is happening in a business context, it's best for you to just let hierarchy determine what happens next. But if this conflict is in a personal relationship, you need to try to delay your own preferences right now. Bend to their wishes, and your concession will go a very long way toward proving to them that you value time with them more than you value the activity itself.


Thursday - February 20, 2020

Feb 20, 2020: Your insight and energy can lay the groundwork for an especially productive day today. Whether it's finishing paperwork, cleaning out your garage, or pulling together a last-minute celebration, you're totally on the ball and kicking you-know-what today! Don't be surprised if powerful people take notice and offer you the chance to display your abilities on a much larger stage. Let your ambition take over and lead you to the success you've deserved for a long time.


Tuesday - February 18, 2020

Feb 18, 2020: Can you hear your inner engine revving up? You're raring to go, and today is the perfect time for you to take off! The runway is clear and the skies are cloudless. Head off into the wild, blue yonder! Aim for your most ambitious goals, because you're in a phase of life where they're more possible than ever. You have an excellent team of people in your corner. They're ready to tell you what you need to hear to feel powerful and good about yourself!

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