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Wednesday - December 11, 2019

Dec 11, 2019: Someone, in your opinion, is wasting time exploring high ideas when they should be hard at work making practical things happen. But perhaps today you should take a page from their lesson book—spend a little less time with your nose in your work, and a little more time with your head up in the clouds. Thinking big thoughts is important, and you need to find time every day to fit in a couple. Ignore reality and practicality for a while, and think about 'what-ifs.'


Thursday - December 12, 2019

Dec 12, 2019: You can make fun out of anything today—a long meeting, jury duty, a traffic jam, you name it! The key is that you have an imagination that just won't quit. There is literally nothing that can bore you, which makes today a wonderful day to take care of those tedious errands or tasks you've been putting off for so long. Don't forget to make some plans for tonight—when you are in this kind of mood, you can't let it go to waste. Share it with your friends.


Tuesday - December 10, 2019

Dec 10, 2019: There will be a huge spike in your creative writing skills today, and you are in the perfect frame of mind to make the most of it! It will be a breeze for you to add some rhymes and witty stuff to your emails, text messages and voice mails today. You'll entertain your friends and coworkers in a way that only you can, and you might even impress a few people while you're doing it. Conveying your ideas in a memorable way will separate you from the average Joe, and get you more attention.

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