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Saturday - January 25, 2020

Jan 25, 2020: Your old habits have grown to become like a worn-out, dust-ridden blanket. Something that gives you comfort even though it might not be the best thing for you. You need to make sure that the blanket you cling to won't actually end up suffocating you. Today, take a look at the things you do in your life without really thinking and ask whether they're necessary or productive. If they are neither, it's time to get rid of them! Refocus on improving your health.


Sunday - January 26, 2020

Jan 26, 2020: Unexpected eruptions from annoying people could cause some stress in your day, but if you prepare yourself physically and mentally, you can avoid the brunt of the drama. Just assume that others are going to have different opinions. Then, when it happens, you won't get all riled up. And if it doesn't happen, you're still set. It's not about assuming the worst. It's about being prepared for the worst. Your positive attitude isn't going anywhere. Don't worry!


Friday - January 24, 2020

Jan 24, 2020: Concentrate your attention on the decision makers in your life today, and try to get a handle on what motivates them. They have a lot of influence over your life right now, so it's in your best interests to understand them as completely as you can. In a new work relationship, you might need to step outside your comfort zone a lot farther than you're used to just to prove that you're no doormat. But you're definitely up to the challenge.

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