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Monday - July 22, 2019

Jul 22, 2019: Your ideas are large and impressive right now—perhaps even too big for other people to understand! So if you want your ideas to be adopted, you will definitely have to simplify them so people can wrap their heads around what you're saying. Show them what you see. Think about your audience—what is most important to them? Focus on that, and show them how they can get what they want out of your plan, too. You have a lot of great sales skills that you don't always use.


Tuesday - July 23, 2019

Jul 23, 2019: Unguarded communication will be very fruitful today—expect quite a few sparks to be ignited when people deliver unexpected outbursts! This is a new era of freedom in your life, so embrace it and let the chips fall where they may. Spending too much time trying to prevent problems is keeping you from being able to appreciate the beauty of accidents. Sometimes, things just happen for a reason—and it's time for you to learn how to let them!


Sunday - July 21, 2019

Jul 21, 2019: There are many temptations all around you today, but not all of them are healthy for your body and/or spirit. So you should make sure that you are well stocked with self-control! Things that used to intimidate or frighten you now hold a strange and powerful attraction, but should satisfy your curiosity from the sidelines. Don't go off on any explorations today—stick close to home. When a friend invites you on a trip, see if you can take a rain check.

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