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Saturday - September 21, 2019

Sep 21, 2019: Your creative juices are flowing. Instead of wishing you were doing something more artistic, use them to your advantage doing what you're already locked into doing. The financial rewards will be as great as the emotional ones.


Sunday - September 22, 2019

Sep 22, 2019: You're glad to help others in ways that you can, but don't bend over backwards to do what someone else can actually do for themselves. Catering to their need to be taken care of isn't doing them any favors. Save yourself the time and the money.


Friday - September 20, 2019

Sep 20, 2019: What seems like a safe bet is actually a ruse. There are no sure things in life, but this one is almost a shell game. If your future nest egg is involved, be very concerned.

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