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Sunday - May 26, 2019

May 26, 2019: You know that everything that really matters is beneath the surface so you have no problem dealing with a wacky looking group of people. The amount they invest has nothing to do with how they appear, either. Use your intuition to sniff out the deep pockets.


Monday - May 27, 2019

May 27, 2019: Romance is swirling all around you and you don't know why. It can't be connected to money because that's not growing. It's time to reevaluate your ideas about what generates passion in you. Once you're free of your petty preconceptions, you'll unleash boundless energy.


Saturday - May 25, 2019

May 25, 2019: If only you could afford a new computer, you could make it rich this very day. At least that's what you're telling yourself. Admit it, you're selling yourself a bill of goods. The only software you really need to be a success is installed between your ears.

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