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Monday - November 11, 2019

Nov 11, 2019: You can be as creative as Michelangelo but it won't get you anywhere without good material to work with. You're building sand castles rather than marble sculptures. Spend the day making sure you're doing something that will last.


Tuesday - November 12, 2019

Nov 12, 2019: It takes more creativity than usual to connect with people today, but you have the determination of a bulldog. You are going to get your message across by hook or by crook. They may not understand your ideas but they understand your money.


Sunday - November 10, 2019

Nov 10, 2019: You can save money in big ways, or you can penny-pinch your way through life. Penny pinching is actually a lot more painful. You might as well face the facts and the music instead.

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