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Saturday - September 21, 2019

Sep 21, 2019: You never dreamed things could get this confusing. Unraveling your finances is like brushing an unruly child's hair or untangling their shoelaces. You deserve it. After all, it was your own childish behavior that got you here in the first place.


Sunday - September 22, 2019

Sep 22, 2019: Don't treat life like a game of PacMan. Moving at a slower pace doesn't necessarily take others out of the race. Gobbling up as much as you can, as fast as you can't doesn't guarantee you a win, either. Relax and focus on doing the right thing.


Friday - September 20, 2019

Sep 20, 2019: It takes time to adjust to a new spending routine or budget. It won't take long for you to feel comfortable with it, but in the meantime, don't be tempted to organize and reorganize to get to that point. What it really takes is patience.

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