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For The Month Of October 2019

Month of Oct 2019: When introspective Pluto goes direct in driven Capricorn on October 3, you’re starting to think about getting your way again. Unlike your passive mood during the more contemplative retrograde period, you’re anxious to get back into a position of power and influence.

A Mercury-Uranus opposition on the seventh increases the pace, and you might feel scattered and torn between the many things on your to-do list. Your nervousness can show itself in any number of odd ways, so try to be aware of the impression you’re making on the people you interact with.

A similarly stressful opposition between Venus and Uranus on October 12 can cause increased tension in a romantic setting, especially when there are surprise announcements and unwelcome news. Being the recipient of a message you weren’t expecting could throw you off guard in a way that won’t be easy to recover from quickly. Hang in there, Aquarius.

More frustration accompanies the Mars-Saturn square on the twenty-seventh, as you feel caught between what you want and what is keeping you from getting it. Limitations, rules, and obstacles all seem as though they’re working against you, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Find a way around those blockages instead of trying to go through them.

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