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For The Month Of June 2019

Month of Jun 2019: Mercury rules communication issues, and when it enters sensitive kindred water sign Cancer on June 4, you embrace the caring and compassionate qualities you share. You might be moodier than usual, but that’s only because you care so deeply about others and what they’re going through.

You carry your tenderheartedness through the Mars-Neptune trine on the fourteenth as your magnetic attractiveness seems to draw all types of people to you. You won’t click with everyone, but artsy, creative types really get you now, and vice versa.

Your power planet Neptune slips into a retrograde cycle while in Pisces on June 21, giving you the next several months to make internal changes. You might have a hard time deciding where to start, but that’s just a small bump in the road. Once you identify your biggest issues, you can move on to trying to fix them.

Talkative Mercury is in Leo by the end of the month (the twenty-sixth, to be exact), which changes up your communication game. You’re much bolder and more outgoing now, so it’s easier to talk to strangers. Are you ready for some new people in your life? Socializing and networking are easier now than ever.

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