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Saturday - September 21, 2019

Sep 21, 2019: If you're reaching for some big goals right now, chances are you're going too fast. Slow down -- you're bound to make some mistakes or miss the lessons in the process. What's the point of rushing to this conclusion?


Sunday - September 22, 2019

Sep 22, 2019: You're used to working solo but have you considered teamwork lately? Probably not! Get with the brainiest brains you can find and get crackin' on something fantastic. By day's end, you'll have cured cancer, solved world hunger -- you get the point.


Friday - September 20, 2019

Sep 20, 2019: Tap the brakes there, friend. You're in such a rush, you might be on the verge of missing something really important. Slow down and pay attention. This opportunity will come by once, and you won't want it to pass you by.

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