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Week 04 of 2020

Week Starting On: January 20 to January 26

Week of Jan 20, 2020: You can look forward to being a part of intellectually-stimulating, exciting brainstorms with your closest colleagues or dear friends on January 22 when the intuitive moon in your seventh house of partnership forms a harmonizing trine to game-changer Uranus in your eleventh house of networking. You might be caught off-guard by the brilliant ideas you come up with as a result of collaboration. 

And then around January 24 when the new moon is in your eighth house of sexual intimacy, you’ll feel more empowered when you acknowledge and, ideally, speak up about your emotional and physical needs. Being more vulnerable might feel intimidating, but because the new moon conjuncts communicator Mercury, giving voice to your desires—particularly any that you might worry could be interpreted as unconventional—can bring you even closer to fulfillment now. 

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