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Week 05 of 2020

Week Starting On: January 27 to February 02

Week of Jan 27, 2020: Getting outrageously creative on the job comes naturally on January 27 when social Venus and dreamy Neptune pair up in your tenth house of career. You might actually have some trouble pinpointing the pragmatic path to turning your ideas into a reality, but you can use this artistic energy and make quite the impression by taking advantage of your amplified imagination now. 

Then, on January 30, when the emotional moon in your eleventh house of networking forms a harmonizing trine to go-getter Mars in your seventh house of partnership, you’ll want to prioritize time with friends, colleagues, and, if you’re attached, your significant other. Group activities feel even more energizing than usual, and the moment has you feeling like your assertiveness and confidence are firing on a whole new level.   

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