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Week 47 of 2019

Week Starting On: November 18 to November 24

Week of Nov 18, 2019: You can look forward to extra harmonious vibes with your significant other, a dear friend, a business partner or all of the above from November 22 to December 21 while the confident sun moves through your seventh house of partnership. Your ability and interest in fostering one-on-one bonds are elevated now, as is your craving to be in sync with your nearest and dearest VIPs.

And on November 24, when the emotional moon meets up with action-oriented Mars in your sixth house of wellness, your head and your heart should be in sync when it comes to your fitness plan. You’ll feel razor-focused and fired-up to get after your most ambitious goals, potentially mapping out new workout schedules, trying different classes, and building self-care practices into your daily routine.

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