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Week 47 of 2019

Week Starting On: November 18 to November 24

Week of Nov 18, 2019: Once communicator Mercury ends its retrograde on November 20 and moves forward in your second house of income until December 9, confusion and technical difficulties related to your moneymaking endeavors should straighten out. You’ll get the green light to research and go after work you care about that could also increase your cash flow.

And on November 24, romantic Venus and expansive Jupiter pair up in your third house of communication, bumping up your desire to share intellectually stimulating, vibrant conversation with your lover or friends. Set yourself up for satisfaction by making plans that are sure to spark an animated exchange of ideas and electric mental energy (like seeing a thought-provoking play or visiting a museum). You’ll feel like you’re feeding your mind and soul—and enjoy bond-boosting, as well!

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