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Week 30 of 2019

Week Starting On: July 22 to July 28

Week of Jul 22, 2019: From July 22 to August 23, while the confident sun moves through your sixth house of wellness, you’ll feel more empowered to go after your boldest fitness goals. Whether you’ve been wanting to try a new workout plan, check out a different gym, or train for a race, you’ll have the wind at your sails to make it happen—and keep it up!

On July 28, when the emotional moon in your fourth house of home life squares off dreamy Neptune in your sign, your efforts to have a meaningful conversation with a loved one could be thwarted by this sneaking feeling that you’re not grasping the truth of the matter or your perception is off. There’s no harm in taking a time-out until you feel more assured in your view.

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