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Week 38 of 2019

Week Starting On: September 16 to September 22

Week of Sep 16, 2019: On September 18, the emotional moon in your seventh house of partnership forms a harmonious trine to go-getter Mars in your eleventh house of networking, making it an ideal time to work with your significant other or friends toward an ambitious goal. Whether you want to raise money for charity or throw a party, you’ve got this.

You might be inspired to propose a lofty project to higher-ups but run into a bit of confusion along the way on September 21 when lucky Jupiter in your second house of income forms a harsh square to dreamy Neptune in your fifth house of creativity. This transit presents an opportunity to embrace your wildest, most imaginative ideas, but it can be tough to nail down specifics and a step-by-step game plan at the moment. You’ll do well to revel in your fantasy for the time being.

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