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Week 46 of 2019

Week Starting On: November 11 to November 17

Week of Nov 11, 2019: Around November 12, when the full moon is in your sign, you’ll be consumed with wanting to address personal desires that you’re afraid you’ve put on hold for far too long. Because the moon forms a positive trine to taskmaster Saturn and transformative Pluto in your ninth house of adventure, you’ll be focused on putting in the work and owning your personal power in order to achieve your bold dream.

And on November 16 when the emotional moon in your third house of communication forms a harmonious trine to dreamy Neptune in your eleventh house of networking, you’ll be drawn to brainstorming and trading imaginative ideas with colleagues. Dealing with hard-hitting facts and solid data might not be your best bet at the moment, but batting around pitches that are seemingly too wild can be a productive task.

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